Bicycle Patrol Unit

    bicycle patrol
The Glendale Police Department's Bicycle Patrol Unit began operations in May of 1997 with six volunteer officers who rode throughout the city on specially equipped mountain-style bikes. The bicycle officers have become very mobile on patrol. They routinely patrol many areas not covered by vehicles or foot patrol. Currently, these officers ride an average of 25-45 miles in an 8 1/2 hour shift. Since the inception of the unit, the Department has realized the many benefits of bicycle patrol, and received an overwhelming positive response from the community. 
Police Officers on bikes have many advantages over traditional patrol, and at a fraction of the cost. While the visibility and presence of bicycle officers are benefits to the unit, one of the bicycle's strongest enforcement aspects is the capability to approach crimes in progress without being seen or heard. This has been very evident in the past year with drug activity and alcohol enforcement. Officers are usually within 10-15 feet of the suspect before they are recognized as police. Bike officers can ride into many locations where there is no access for automobiles, invoking the element of surprise. Due to the speed and mobility of the bike, the officers are able to prevent suspects from fleeing. The bicycle officer is often able to see and hear more than an officer in a patrol vehicle since the officer is in the open, and not surrounded by the enclosed vehicle. 

The Bicycle unit primarily works in several target areas where the normal calls for service are high. Utilizing a zero-tolerance and pro-active effort with property owners and other City Departments, the unit works to improve the quality of life in the target areas, and reduce the need for other police resources. Each member of the unit is assigned to a geographic area of the city, and develops, implements, and coordinates various projects in their area.

The Bicycle Officers would like to remind everyone riding a bicycle: "WEAR YOUR BICYCLE HELMET FOR SAFETY!"