Candidate Packet Information

Following is a list of required forms and important information to read and review to run for local elected office. All filing is done with the City Clerk's Office - be sure to keep a copy for your records. When filling in the forms, please make sure that all writing is legible.

Required Candidate Filing Forms

Information for Citywide and Aldermanic Offices

  1. Every candidate for election to public office must have a committee.
  2. The candidate does not register themselves for campaign finance purposes; they register a committee.
  3. Candidates cannot receive contributions to or make disbursements until they have registered a committee, except to: open a bank account for the committee; rent a post office box; or produce nomination papers.
  4. Candidate committees must update their campaign registration data (CF-1) within 10 days following any change in information (e.g., change in address, treasurer, etc.).
  5. If an incumbent officeholder does not wish to be a candidate for their office in the next election, they must complete the Notification of Noncandidacy in accordance with the deadline.
  6. A candidate committee can terminate its registration if it: will no longer engage in financial activity; files a final report showing all obligations have been satisfied and the cash balance has been reduced to zero; and completes a termination request form.
    • Candidate committees cannot be terminated prior to a primary or election in which they are a candidate; however if a candidate committee loses in a primary, the candidate does not have to wait until after the general election terminate.
    • Current office holders cannot terminate their committee while in office.